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Birthday bash and the bashful Birthday

November 4, 2008
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I just returned from a birthday party of my colleague’s daughter. It was her fourth birthday. Khushi is a cute girl. The gathering was small and was arranged beautifully by the family. I had a good dinner. Apart from a few uneasy silences and uncertain glances, the party was good.
I am beginning to see a pattern in the lifestyles of the Indians settled here in US: The nuclear families, parents visiting once a year for small vacations in the summer time, husbands working and wives waiting, families seeking attention and wanting society, people pretending to have contented lives when things are boring and so on. I find very few Indians growing above the typical. All the Indians stay together and form a community, discuss their weekends, talk about their children, enjoy weekends, and carry their hearts in their palms the rest of the weekdays. But the pattern I found is still not complete, nor is it extensive. My confrontation with Indian families has been only with people nearer to me and working in my office. I am yet to see the rest of the Indian community and so will not hasten to conclude on my findings. There is more to see, but what all I had already seen hasn’t painted a rosy picture so far.

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