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Saving Daylight

November 4, 2008

DST has begun on Nov 2, the first Sunday of November. Things are pretty same now except that I feel I am hungry an hour early, I feel sleepy an hour early, and each time I see the clock I tell myself it should be an hour more in fact. If you don’t understand me yet, let me explain.

Since the winters are cold and terrible and the days are short in winters, people have decided to better utilize the waning daylight. What do they do? Wake up an hour late (since its dark still when they wake up at their usual time), work an hour late, leave the office an hour late, sleep an hour late and so on. In short, they set their clocks an hour late. Crazy but true.

But because I am new to this phenomenon what happens to me? I used to be woken up by my alarm at 5.30AM previously. Now I wake up at 4.30 and wake my alarm. Poor thing, it is only programmed to know that the humans have decided to wake up an hour late. What does it understand when I say I am feeling hungry at 11.30 AM when in fact it should have been 12.30 noon. My clock tells me its 10 in the night. But I already know its 11 and time to sleep. Time is relative.

Someone the other day was pointing to me how expensive this DST thing turns out to be to all the trade and business. Every appliance, every single piece of software needs to be programmed to be DST compliant.

I almost feel like ascribing all this to the eccentricities of human mind, but dare not. Man may feel like God slowing the course of Time and Man may do so. This interests me to probe in for the real meaning of Time. What is Time, my friends? How do we define Time?

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