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Rise up to the occasion

November 19, 2008

An unfortunate person, waiting for his flight…Will he rise to the occasion? The occasion could be anything!

Airports! I reached the airport at 6PM and my flight is at 10PM. 4 hours of wait! But I had nothing to do at home and was jumpy since morning. Woke up at 4.30AM with a dream that I missed my flight. I was sweating when the temperature was around 4degrees. Since then, I am planning and re-planning for the departure. Why have I become so jumpy? I wasn’t like this before. This custom procedures dread me. I know I don’t have anything wrong on my side and they are only performing their duties. But still, the whole procedure is like … I don’t know how to put it … discomforting?!

I had Chicken Burger in McD a little while ago. It cost me 4.08$ and the lady returned 92cents. The cents are a waste when not required. Of course, they are very useful when in need. I am leaving US and i dont know what to do with so much heavy currency. I can’t leave it just like that and there is no use carrying it back to India. My travelex guy cribs whenever he sees the small change.

I got a hooded reebok t-shirt with me to wear in my journey because its too cold. My connecting flight is in Amsterdam and the place could be colder still, i think. I held the t-shirt in my hand till the airport, but exactly before I send my check-in baggage through in, I put the t-shirt in one of those bags. Gone! The t-shirt will be seen again only in Hyd. I didnt carry a jacket too! I am feelling cold here without the t-shirt. I am wearing a cotton shirt in this November chill. The only saving grace is that my shirt is full-sleeves. Thank God, I had almost planned to wear a half-sleeves t-shirt and thought better of it at the right time!

I know your presence would have mattered a lot. You would have strengthened me. But I don’t want you only to embolden me. I would prefer to give you support in your time of need. Why am I not rising up to the occasion? (pun unintended!) I fear I am becoming a meek, timid person. Shunning responsibilities. What do I do to avoid becoming a failure? How do I overcome fear?

Its 8.20PM and I still have more than an hour and a half for my flight. Isnt ‘flight’ a deceitful word? I roll the word over my tongue. F.L.I.G.H.T. I better read a book!

more to follow…

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