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A Mirage

February 8, 2009
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There is a mirage, a beautiful dream-like vision that is enchanting me since several years now. I cling to its safety whenever I am shaken. In the lonely hours of the night, just before I fall asleep, warmly covered in the quilt I look at that vision on the dark roof. I am dreaming with my eyes open. I let the images of the dream slide on the dark nothings of my mind. I long for it to talk to me. The warmth of its words envelope my being. I drown in the gurgling stream of joy. The vision has a life of its own. It takes different shapes on its own. It fills me with joy and void at the same time. One moment I am in the spell of it. The other moment I realize it is a dream. But I cling to it like it is my life. I am scared that the dream will leave me someday. It’s like a butterfly that will choose to flit onto someone else’s eyes. I dread. I am a no-good dreamer.

The dream has a mind of its own. I could only begin it. I can’t choose its course of action. I plead it to be by my side for all my life. The dream smiles to say ‘Of course!’. Isn’t it my dream? Then why am I afraid of losing it? Why do I know there is a more favorable set of eyes the dream is willing to rest upon? How am I going to explain it to me?

In the morning when I stagger from the bed and look at my face in the mirror I see the remains of the dream in my eyes.

When morning comes again
I have the loneliness you left me
Each day drags by
Until finally my time descends on me
I go to sleep, sleep
And imagine that you’re there with me

I know there is a whole long day to go before I can snuggle again into the quilt and dream of you. But, that is the only time of the day I call mine. That is the time when I am one with my dream, that is when I hear the magical voice. That is when I am alive. That is why I will continue to live. The day we stop lookin’, Charlie, is the day we die.

There is more to the dream but I am losing faith in my words.

Sirf ahsaas hai yeh, rooh se mahsoos karo
pyar ko pyar hi rahne do, koi naam na do…

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  1. February 10, 2009 3:22 pm

    Dream my dear!
    Because only then, we can make our dreams come true! 🙂

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