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Life is beautiful – an Idyll

February 22, 2009
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It was as dark a night as ever. From within the warm quilt on the bed staring at the dark nothings, holding onto the phone close to the ears, clinging to that one voice you know you want to hear again and again. There is a voice that speaks to you from you-don’t-know-how-far. The lazy night is pregnant with hope and the clock ticks ever so slowly. The soft mattress presses gently and the voice in the phone plays in your ears. The insecurities of the day dissolve slowly into the night. The darkness has now woven velvet around you and you feel caressed. There is no need to talk to the voice. Silence speaks volubly. The heaves of the breath say much more than words could ever tell.

You know you are under the spell. You know you are safe. You know you are moving into the twilight zone. There is no hurry to rush anywhere. There is no concern for the Monday morning duties. You are in a blissful state of abandon. You know you will not be shaken into the mad rush of the world. The Time is still. Its the time to dream; with eyes open. Its the time to cling to the voice and be acknowledged with a silent nod of approval. Its the world where everything is possible. Its where there is a beautiful cottage in a valley. Its where there is no judgment. Its where people are carefree. Its where people know there is nothing to be achieved in the petty struggles of daily life. Its where there is hope and freedom.

The night is long. The promise of the company is long. The voices concur, reprove, struggle. The breath resonates with the heart-beat. Even the flutter of eyelids is a noise to the silence of the company. The silence that needs no language. Two voices dissolve into each other. Two voices separated by  darkness find their way into each other. Differences disappear. Complaints don’t matter anymore. Tussles are past. Harmony is in sight. Hand in hand two voices lead to harmony. The state is surreal. The measurement of Life should be in the count of the number of such moments; of joy; of assurances; of trust; of silent prayers. Such a life should be beautiful.

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