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The Bicycle Ride – 1

March 2, 2009

This happened to me in my town almost 9 years ago. I was riding on my cycle in the outskirts of the town one night. I used to cycle a lot in those days and since my town wasn’t that big I would almost always find myself far beyond the boundaries of the town. I remember that night now as a particularly cold night. There was plain land till the far sight and small bushes would clutter around closely. The moon was bright enough to see the outline of things. It was breezy and the wind whistled in the ears. The sounds of the darkness cast a eery look to it. Even today, with little effort, I can clearly listen to the sounds of that dark night. It is the sound of the invisible life around me. The crickets chirping, frogs croaking, leaves rustling, dogs moaning, cats purring. I was riding my cycle alone in the dark lonely world. My cycle was sliding noiselessly on the road. I was trying to avoid any potholes on the street wherever I can.

The village I was passing through is called Christianpally. It was a very small village. Its name must have derived from the christian missionaries that have made their home there long back. There were also two famous Missionary schools around here and the place would buzz with activity in the morning. But in the nights, the place is as deserted as a dead man is. The small houses in the village had their windows open and out came through it the wafts of their dinner. TV was playing elsewhere. The dim 60watts bulb streetlights gave the precincts a spooky aura. Only street-dogs roamed aimlessly in that dark night. The road through the village was hardly 200 meters. I went past the village. I had to cross the vast campus of the MVS Degree college. In the daytime, this place is the place to be. There were at any given time three different cricket matches in progress. Girls would stay back in the ground to cheer their classmates in the matches. Lecturers would feel important during the Practical exams because they controlled the marks of the students, but on other occasions they were mainly confined to their staff rooms. Few of them of course would make friends with students and enjoy matches in the ground too. The place is always festive in the mornings. But it was night now. The tall eucalyptus trees, spread wide apart until distant horizon, seemed to whisper secrets to each other. The breeze would gently meet the tree-tops and they swayed with abandon. The moon took the entire world in its spell. The slow breeze swayed everything around so gently, so harmoniously that it felt that the moon was breathing out life into the world. The silver glob in the sky hung so near to the eucalyptus tree-tops. There were not many clouds that night.

The old building of the college was home to many secrets. It was not one building but a group of building blocks separated by vast open area. The eucalyptus trees made their home wherever they can. The place where students used to play cricket was a bald patch of land with grass growing here and there. In the night the building looked so sinister to me that I hurried to get past it. There was a small canteen at the gate of the college. It was hardly a canteen. Two wooden planks were laid out for people to sit, and a stove for the tea/snacks. Students flocked to this nondescript place after their tiring cricket matches and this place was their adda. This was the place for gossip and rumours. In a 10-minute tea time we would know which boy is now eyeing which girl, and which tuition is the best in town, and which lecturer should be handled in which way during the practical exams. Few of the boys would flaunt their new Hero-Honda or Yamaha motor cycles, few others would take pride in their gait; and almost always there were groups divided when the question as to who currently the most famous hero/heroine is.

But now it was night and it was different. I was feeling chill inside. I already had the premonition of something bad happening. I should have turned around and made my way to my home through the longer path. I was taking the shorter route to my home through this college. The other route, which didnt involve me taking this route, was a longer one and I would have driven 3Kms more that way. It was almost 11:30 in the night. There was not a single soul I could find in the dark surroundings. I could hardly find my way now. The road was no good from now on. It turned bumpy and muddy. The sound of the chirping/purring/croaking intensified and I pressed the pedal of my cycle hard. I wanted to get rid of this nasty patch of land quickly.

(…to be contd…)

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  1. March 3, 2009 6:06 am

    Oh My! First complete the post and then publish it! Or atleast put a “To be Continued…” in the last line of the post…

    While I was reading, I have almost bitten all my finger nails… 🙂

    Quickly publish more about the incident… I am eagerly waiting…

  2. Pooja permalink
    March 4, 2009 1:08 am

    And your point is???


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