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March 17, 2009

Reading news seems to be fun these days. I had been oblivious to the world of newsmakers (and newsreaders) for quite a while now that it was a refreshing experience reading again. Below are a few interesting news items I couldn’t get past without reading.

1) After Actors it’s now the politicians turn to blog in an attempt to reach the masses. L.K.Advani and Omar Abdullah have set a trend. Also found that Omar has backed out of his blog very soon unable to face the music of his readers.

2) The ex-Haryana Dy.CM allegedly pronounced talaq to his wife over phone thus ending their 3-month old love story that made sensational news earlier. Divorce on phone, gosh!

3) Slumdog millionaire has found more fans. Congress party has reportedly brought rights to Oscar-winning anthem ‘Jai Ho’ (Let there be victory!)

4) A new research has found out that mothers work 40percent more than fathers. Big deal! Tell us what we don’t already know!

5) Vatican has found out that one-big-thing-that-liberated-women. Those who thought gadgets are a boon to humanity, good news is that the Vatican endorses your idea too; Only you mayn’t want to endorse it anymore. Vatican comments that the washing machine ‘did more to liberate women than the pill‘ (yes, you read it right) in their essay on Women’s day titled “The washing machine and the emancipation of women: put in the powder, close the lid and relax“. Any takers?

6) While most of us complain now and then over many little things, here is a list of top-20 ridiculous complaints by holiday-makers. God, the elephant thing is really funny! And one of them complains that the beach is too sandy!! Check the link here.

7) Recession! Recession! Recession! (the Ostrich Syndrome won’t help)

8 ) Ok, we are not the only one getting poorer. The richest people in the world have gotten poorer, just like the rest of us.

9) Ever wondered how sometimes our optimism borders on egotism and people are too quick to call us proud? Well, I did. Despite being one of the seven cardinal sins, Pride could be an adaptive virtue in the context of organizational behaviour say research scientists from NorthEastern Univ, Boston. So next time we are called proud, we can guiltlessly beam in the glory of the possibilities of such a virtue.

There ends my bulletin!

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