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Worry Dolls

June 13, 2009

I am not a postman by habit. But if pretty things come my way and asked to be passed around I don’t mind playing a postman for the sheer worth of it. One such package Arathi wanted to be given to one of her friends in her absence. It was a hand-made pouch with, strangely, worry dolls in it. Now, what could be worry dolls? I was curious. With her permission, I began to look at the contents of the pouch.

The mossy-green pouch was hand-sewn roughly about the size of 9X6 cms. It had a small mirror on one side of it. The mouth of the pouch was fastened tight by a golden-colored thread. I put my two index fingers in and unfastened the pouch to peek into the dark. After another encouraging nod from Arathi I ran my finger inside the pouch to feel something soft inside. When I pulled it out, I saw two little cloth dolls in my hand. They were very small and cute. Their heads were balls of cloth with two black eyes and a dash of red for mouths. Their bottoms were all alike much similar to the elves from the fables. One doll had a green muffler round its neck while the other had a small bead in a garland. I soon brought out more such dolls from the pouch, and each was sewn with clothes of different colours and patterns. There were a total of six dolls and I had them all in my palm. These dolls looked so lovely and alive that I felt they would, at any moment now, start floating around in the space singing ring-a-ring-o-roses!

That was not all. There was a small paper too folded several times inside the pouch. It had written on it:

We are all called “worry” dolls. Tell one worry to each of us and put us all back in the pouch and put us under your pillow. All your worries will disappear by next morning. 🙂 In case you get bored of the green pouch, you can reverse it to find a mustard pouch!!!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

This gift was for one of our best friends who will leave very soon to pursue MBA. I wish our friend a worry-less journey myself.

P.S: Guess which movie this song is from that I am humming now 🙂

“Kya dard kisika lega koi…
Itna toh kisime dard nahi”

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  1. June 14, 2009 11:13 pm

    Very vivid description of the gift! 100/100 marks to you! 😉

    Want me to make you some worry dolls?:-)


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