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Slow Motion

December 6, 2010

The heater is buzzing like the noises in the head. Wwrooommm. Things move in slow motion, and so the pain lasts longer. Contrary to the belief, there are no pain killers. They only numb the pain, not kill it. And Time is the best healer?! In slow motion, medication delayed is medication denied.
Its the Fall. The leaves fall slowly. The contours change slowly. The discovery of change itself comes slowly. The chill rises through your spine slowly. And slowly comes the numbness. And slowly comes the heaving. And the sighing. And the subdued subtle despair. And then the gradual disenchantment. The poison works slowly. But surely. The sting is potent. The poison is a poison even if its an antidote.
Oh the shiver! the heater is off. But the noises? Wwrroommm. Coffee.

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